Wedding Packages

Silver Wedding Package:

  • In office personal consultations
  • Personalized Itinerary Questionnaire
  • 100% digital music experience
  • Professionally trained DJ/MC of your choice
  • Wireless Microphone system (Officiant, Toasts, Introductions, etc.)

Golden Wedding Package: (Includes Silver)

Party interaction upgrade

  • Step by step interactive and line dance instruction
  • Interactive party props (hats, inflatable guitars, maracas, etc…)

Level One Lighting Display

  • Intelligent table-top laser fixture

Platinum Wedding Package: (Includes Silver & Golden)

Full Intelligent Lighting Display

  • Tri-Mirrored reflex fixture
  • Multi-layered dance fixture
  • Moonlit rotation fixture

Special Effects Upgrade

  • Strobe Lighting
  • Fog Machines
  • Bubble Machines



Party Packages

Silver Party Package:

Our Silver Party Package includes a complete 100% digital music experience with a professionally trained MC of your choice. With our Silver Party Package, you and your guests will be treated to an experience you will not soon forget. Complete with our digital music system, wireless microphones, guest interaction and seamless music transitions, our MC’s will help you and your guests create memories that will last a lifetime.

Golden Party Package:

Our Golden Party Package includes all of what our Silver package offers plus our party interaction upgrade and level one intelligent lighting display.

The party interaction upgrade includes a professionally trained MC in line and interactive dancing. Our MC will lead all of today’s most popular interactive dances, including, the wobble, electric slide, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle and more. Our MC’s for this package have also been trained in many of today’s newest country line dances. Not only will our MC lead your guests on the dance floor, he will teach each dance, counting out the steps as they happen. Included also in this package are our interactive props. These hats, Hawaiian Leighs, maracas, inflatable guitars and more, will add instant fun and enjoyment to any party while helping to create great photo opportunities for your guests.

Our level one intelligent lighting display includes one intelligent light set to move to the beat of the music. All of our lighting, whether used individually or combined with other lighting, will create an unforgettable dance atmosphere for guests of all ages.

Platinum Party Package:

Our Platinum Party Package includes all of what the Silver and Golden packages offer plus our full intelligent lighting and special effects upgrade 

Our Full intelligent lighting display comes complete with a three-piece intelligent lighting set all of which are programmed to move to the beat of the music. This intelligent lighting display includes tri-mirrored reflex lighting, multi-layered dance lighting and moonlit rotation lighting. This grouping of intelligent lighting will create an atmosphere unseen before.

Our special effects upgrade also included in this package provides remarkable atmospheric effects not to be forgotten. This upgrade includes, our bubbler, fogger and specialized strobe lighting. These special effect extras are often times the exclamation points to an amazing and memorable party experience for all guests!